Site migration without search traffic loss

Preserve your website's search presence during critical transitions. Transfers your website's assets, optimized content, site structure, ….

Preserve Traffic & Revenue

An oversight during migration can lead to substantial traffic loss. We ensure your organic visibility remains intact, safeguarding against potential drops in revenue.

Detailed Reporting & Monitoring

We provide comprehensive post-migration reports, allowing you to monitor the success of the transition and understand areas of improvement.

Avoid Common Pitfalls

From redirect loops to missing meta data, many pitfalls can derail a migration. With our service, you’re protected against these common mistakes.

Time & Resource Efficiency

DIY migrations can consume significant amounts of time and resources. By trusting our experts, your team can focus on what they do best, while we handle the intricacies of the migration.

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When should you think about SEO migration?

Rebranding & Domain Change

If a company undergoes a rebranding, it often requires a domain change. We ensure that the authority and trust built up by the old domain are passed on to the new one, and users can easily find the brand’s new online home.

Platform Shift

When transitioning from one CMS (Content Management System) to another, like from WordPress to Drupal or vice versa, ensuring that SEO elements are correctly transferred is crucial to maintain search rankings and user experience.

Website Overhaul

Redesigning a website often comes with changes to site structure, content, and URLs. An SEO migration service ensures that these changes don’t lead to lost organic traffic or rankings.

Merging Websites

If a company acquires another brand or decides to merge multiple websites into one, consolidating the SEO value from all sites without diluting their authority is a complex task that necessitates expert intervention.

International Expansion

When a business decides to create region-specific versions of their site or introduce multiple languages, it’s vital to correctly implement hreflang tags and other localization practices to ensure search engines serve the right content to the right audience.

Site Splitting

In cases where a business wants to segment parts of its site into a new domain or subdomain, like when spinning off a product line into its own website, SEO migration ensures both the old and new sites maintain their organic visibility.

Restructuring E-commerce Sites

When product categories, filters, or entire product lines are updated or changed, it’s vital to manage these shifts in a way that search engines can easily understand and index.

Recovering from a Poorly Done Migration

If a site has already undergone migration and is facing traffic loss or ranking drops due to missed SEO considerations, an expert SEO migration service can diagnose and fix the issues.

Implementing Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) or Single Page Apps (SPAs)

Adopting newer web technologies can impact how search engines crawl and index a site. SEO migration helps ensure these modern web applications remain search-friendly.

Moving to HTTPS

Transitioning from an HTTP to an HTTPS website for added security can affect rankings if not done correctly. It’s essential to ensure search engines recognize the secure version as the primary one and transfer any SEO value seamlessly.

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Basic Migration

SEO Support during change of domain

Audit of Internal links

Audit of sitemap, robots.txt

Updates in Google search console

Domain change only


CMS Migration

SEO Support during change of CMS 

URL Mapping

Redirection audit

+ all in basic

Site size up to 1000 pages


Premium Migration

SEO Support during change of CMS

+ all in basic

+ all in CMS

Site size up to 5000 pages


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